Codex Book Binding

Freshly bound Codex Books created by my H.S. Print Media class.  We used 6 signatures of 4 folios and they each designed their own unique cover. We stitched the books similar to this… Continue reading

H.S. Artists Books

What is an Artists Book? According to the Smithsonian Library article by Anne Evenhaugen,  “An artist’s book is a medium of artistic expression that uses the form or function of ‘book’ as inspiration.… Continue reading

Middle School Collaborative Architecture

Buzz Word: COMMON CORE! I love the 4 C’s of the Common Core.  Art Teachers use them all the time and this is nothing new to us. For this 7th Grade Group Architecture… Continue reading

Compositions in Kindergarten Art

Kindergarten:  In my opinion, they are the most difficult age level to create lesson plans! You have to think about so much when planning for these little artists. You have to organize classroom… Continue reading

Drawing a Day: Week 2

This week in the Drawing a Day for the “Artsy Book Club,” quick experiments with color! Day 8: Drawing of family members using various media- my Matriarchs Day 9: Experiment with crayons- A.… Continue reading

Retro Art Ed Text

I found a gem the other day in this quaint small town bookstore.  A retro 1960s edition Art Education Textbook of the same version I was required to purchase in college! “Emphasis Art:… Continue reading


An Artsy Book Club [One Drawing A Day: Week One]

To beat the winter blues I am joining some awesome art teachers in this “Artsy Book Club”  The idea was started by the fantastic art educator, Cassie Stephens.  You can follow her in… Continue reading

Classroom Decorations

Happy First Day of School!  Here are my classroom decorations for the year! [I wish lesson planning and Common Core were as fun as it is to decorate and organize the art room!]… Continue reading

Two Opening Exhibitions this Week

If you just so happen to be in Canada…. I am participating in an International Print Exchange opening tonight! This ArtSpace exhibit features prints from all over–  Including one of my new linocut… Continue reading